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The Sisterhood Podcast

Jan 20, 2021

Welcome to The Sisterhood Podcast, episode 101: Efforts to Break Down Traditional Gender Roles in the Church. In today’s episode we will talking about Inauguration Day, breaking down traditional gender roles within the Church, chicken pot pie, and as always, we will spotlight an inspiring woman.  

Main Topic


Women at Church by Neylan McBaine

Pioneering the vote: The Untold Story of Suffragists in Utah and the West by Neylan McBaine

A House Full of Females by Laurel Ulrich

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey

Christianity and Womanhood by Wyatt Rogers


Seeking Heavenly Mother

Exponent II

Favorite Things

Chicken Pot Pie

Resistance bands

Microfiber hair towel wrap

CC Beanie hats for winter


Inspiring Sister

Jill Biden