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The Sisterhood Podcast

Feb 23, 2021

Join Allyson and Tiffany in this week's episode where they will be talking about Ted Cruz's trip to Cancun, working women, child care and the church, the Breaking Down Patriarchy podcast, and as always, they will share a spotlight of an inspiring sister.  

Current Event 

Ted Cruz goes to Cancun

Main Topic 

NPR Series, "Enough Already: How The Pandemic is Breaking Women" 

New York Times article where VP Kamala Harris calls the 2.5 million women who have left the workforce during the pandemic a "national emergency." 

Best Countries for Raising Kids in 2020 (U.S. News and World Report)

The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake (article in The Atlantic by David Brooks)

Julie Hanks TEDx talk, "The Costs of Idealizing Motherhood"

LDS Church opposed Equal Rights Amendment

The Honored Place of Women


  1. Read the article The Affordability Crisis Hits LDS Homes” by Natalie Brown. She has some really interesting thoughts on how the church can move forward to adapt to the changing world we are living in, including perhaps subsidizing quality child care the way they do education.
  2. Work on recognizing your own privilege if you have it, and seeing/validating/acknowledging the people who may not be able to achieve the same standard of living as you do, or have the same choices that you do. Think about ways you can support people who need it on a personal level without making your charity the focus. Google “white saviorism” and “white privilege.”  
  3. Advocate publicly and vocally for more women to be in more places of power where decisions are made that affect women and families. 

Favorite Things 


  1. Belif cleanser and moisturizer
  2. PIT game
  3. Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner


  1. Breaking Down Patriarchy podcast 
  2. WEI purifying mud mask
  3. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe (DM me on IG if you want the recipe!) 

An Inspiring Sister 

Barbara Smith Conrad