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The Sisterhood Podcast

Mar 8, 2021

Join Allyson and Tiffany in today’s episode as they discuss a controversial breastfeeding commercial, why feminism is still a dirty word, a copacabana flavored soda, and as always, a spotlight of an inspiring SISTER.  

Current Event: 

Breastfeeding Commercial from Frida


Main Topic: 

January 2020 New Era article on what feminism is:

Article with stats showing women even in U.S. are still not treated equally:

What is rape culture?

Talk from Boyd K. Packer on the threat of homosexuals, feminists, and intellectuals:

NPR article on Feminism being a dirty world throughout various cultures around the world:


  1. Educate yourself. Read or listen to books and podcasts about feminism, and educate yourself about what feminism really is. A few recommendations include (secular and for church members): 
  2. Educate and encourage another person in your life. Women, men in your life (your father, husbands, and sons), to become feminists. As Tiffany addressed in last week’s episode, significant change for women will not happen until more men are willing to see and acknowledge the needed changes and become powerful advocates for change. 
  3. Take active steps toward fighting for feminist causes in your community whether that be speaking out for women in your church community, in the classroom or workplace, or on a political level. 

Favorite Things (3-5 minutes)


  1. Sealing Clips
  2. Sylvia Duckworth
  3. Cobacabana drink at Fiiz (hidden menu)


  1. Lady Gaga Oreos
  2. Wintering by Katherine May 
  3. Self Defense video for teen girls  

Inspiring Sister Spotlight: 

Marlene Dietrich