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The Sisterhood Podcast

Feb 27, 2024

Join Tiffany and Allyson this week as they each share three things they couldn't stop thinking about and their three favorite things including an inspiring sister. 

Main Topics:

NYTimes opinion article, "We Americans Neglect Our Children"

Update on Superbowl parade shooting from the AP

Gun industry immunity


Feb 13, 2024

This week is a special guest interview with Amy Watkins Jensen who has become a spokesperson for the recent removal of women on the stand in Northern California. Amy runs the Instagram account @womenonthestand


Amy's op-ed piece:

Opinion: Young LDS women need to see themselves in the church — and on the stand


Feb 6, 2024

This week is a special guest interview with Ashlie Sanders (Nuanced Mormon) and her big sis, Emilie Call about their incredible new podcast, "That's Church." This is such a fun, candid, and heartfelt conversation you won't want to miss!