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The Sisterhood Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

Join Allyson and Tiffany in this week’s episode as they discuss (current event), (main topic), (favorite thing), and as always, share a spotlight of an inspiring sister.  

Current Event/News Story: 

Britney Spears' conservatorship 

Main Topic:

I crafted this short letter for a friend who was looking for language to help her approach her local church youth leaders about the modesty dress code that she was not comfortable with for her daughter. Feel free to use and edit at will:
“Thank you for all your hard work getting ready for camp. ( ) is really looking forward to it!
Our modesty guidelines as a family are that our children dress appropriately for the activity, for the weather, and for safety - otherwise we simply want them to feel comfortable in whatever they are wearing. That guideline applies to both our sons and daughters.
We do not want to give our young daughter the message that her thighs or shoulders are inherently shameful or sexual in nature and need to be covered. We are working hard in our home to combat the messages in our culture that both shame, objectify, and sexualize girls bodies, and also tells them they are responsible for the inappropriate thoughts and behaviors of boys and men. We have given considerable thought to the implications these messages can have down the road, and are deeply concerned about upholding these messages.
( ) has always worn regular length shorts in the summers and tank tops on extra hot days, so unless there are activities or safety concerns that require different clothing, that’s what she will be bringing to wear when the weather is hot.
Sadly, we know of far too many experiences where girls in particular have been shamed and embarrassed at youth activities for their clothing choices - and some have left the church as a result - so we want to avoid this type of experience altogether, and hope you will not shame or embarrass her for following our family guidelines.
I hope you don’t read this as an accusation or a challenge, but as a sincere desire from concerned and loving parents to support healthy behavior and thoughts about all girls' bodies.”


Favorite Things: 


1. @choosetobeaware IG account

2. Mamba Sticks

3. Pride film


1. @liftandloveorg IG account 

2. Trader Joe's Caroline BBQ sauce and Grainless Granola

3. Dialogue Journal podcast episode on LDS Feminism 


Inspiring Sister Spotlight:

3 inspiring female Olympic athletes